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2017/4/1Is a gender abolitionist stance useful to oppose and resist sexist bodily mutilation?

Cause it looks like an ideological albatross to me.

2017/4/1RT @unbreakablepenn: Um-anyone see the misogyny here? Anyone? Looks like only men get to have their own restrooms now.…

2017/4/1Read whatever you want to, that’s what I do.

2017/4/1tempted to say ‘fuck it’, merge all my pseudonyms and take the consequences

2017/4/1RT @TechKaczynski: joke: facebook rants

Woke: Twitter threads


2017/4/1RT @TechKaczynski: And what you’ve been waiting for….. his response:

2017/4/12009 was a good year.

2017/4/1@femifisting @Twitter @jack @Support It’s a flawed platform run by some misguided folks. Yet here we are. So they must be doing something right.

Got my blog for backup.

2017/3/27″Accept who you are!”

Nice sentiment.

But what if who you are is somebody who does not accept who they are?

2017/3/27It real. And Tinder won’t get a cut, Venmo’s getting it all.

I won’t pay. Cause I prepared, by predicting it.

2017/3/27@moonpodrising this enterprising individual is facing some backlash on Twitter. What motivates this animus? Envy? Anger at ‘exploitation’?

2017/3/27I live on a funny island.

2017/3/29@PoisonAero it’s how I felt while writing.

Those feelings have been thus purged!

Meanwhile, in my city…

2017/3/29I miss yourbrainrebalanced. Where else can I go for a nofap self-improvement broscience support group?

2017/3/29If it’s not enforced, it’s not gender, then?

Or: if it’s not enforced, it blurs and dissolves and becomes nothing?

I’m ambivalent on this.

2017/3/29Thinking of future topics to write on

blogging is lonely.

2017/3/29@ClarkHat cause the next logical step is putting people in concentration camps. Inexorably!

2017/3/29Interesting #sexualpolitics thread. #sociobiology

What about polyandry? It’s not real, I know. But could it be? 1 poly girl + n orbiters

2017/3/29Oh, I’m a wizard.

2017/3/29@moonpodrising to write: how to accept the harsh truth that chronic male virginity is rationally perceived as negative.

But there is hope.

2017/3/29@CrimsonFlax what happens when violence is removed from the situation? Sex differences remain. Divergent sex behaviours would persist, no?

2017/3/29@CrimsonFlax Yes. And from which follows… more. Heterosexuality & sexual division of labour seem fundamental & nonviolent, potentially.

2017/3/29RT @False_Nobody: The Future:

-Harmless, but soul destroying
-Sex saturated but sexless
-Social media but lonely
-Hyper civilized & collap…

2017/3/29@HeywoodJp does sucking one’s own dick count as sodomite behavior?

asking for a friend

2017/3/29@white_urn @HeywoodJp it can include oral too. Even hetero!

2017/3/29@white_urn @HeywoodJp I think it originally was understood as anal only. The old books don’t specify that level of obscene detail.

2017/3/30@AJA_Cortes Sounds like a goading invitation by means of reverse psychology.

But if they’re smart, they’ll use their own platform.

2017/3/31I had a tinder date this evening.

Walked past several bodies of water on the way home and considered drowning myself.

2017/3/31yeah okay, my interest in extremist politics is more or less compensation for

deficient masculinity

2017/3/31You care about what you tweet about-why don’t you have a site for longform posts too?

Blogs: free, customisable, easy, personally-ownable.

2017/2/7The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the subhuman race.


2017/2/11>1 of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients is: “What do you like?” […] it’s not about what I like

2017/2/21@Ivangode8 @ZeroZiat @4chansbest my fav

2017/1/3@White_Might17 @r9ktxt @OvenkinGreg still a sort of cuckoldry, because you’re sharing the girl with the other men who watch her.

2017/1/3The meaning of #NoFap2017

2017/1/3@moonpodrising #nofap

2017/1/3Dude is at least trying. He needs to be educated on ‘game’. Like, Twitter isn’t the right place to make this sort of connection, go offline.

2017/1/3I wonder how this is envisaged. Housewife with 5+ kids?

2017/1/4This doesn’t completely disgust me. Yet.

2017/1/4 #dating #attraction #psychology Request for commnents!

2017/1/4RT @TradBritGroup: Hard not to view this as comedy, but on a serious note, a movement seeking to re-engage people in the African… https:/…

2017/1/7I have some Australian ancestors but I’ve yet to have my DNA checked so I can get more specific.

2017/1/7@Communism_Kills Some people reserve the term ‘should’ to refer to violence-enforcable obligations. Hence, the present outrage.

2017/1/7RT @FantasticJerk: @EdLatimore Most young people need to realise that they’re not “naturally awkward”, they just don’t socialise enough to…

2017/1/8Really want to a complete revolt against female beauty standards? & demand non-judgement from men?

(Yes, I know, poetry uses hyperbole…)

2017/1/82/ Yes, present beauty standards are screwed up. Causing insecurity, anxiety. Bad feelings.

So, a counter-message is met with approval.

2017/1/83/ The extreme counter is zero standards. Complacency, which doesn’t feel bad. Just ends up looking bad.

Anti-aesthetic. Death of beauty.

2017/1/8Man, revealing your weaknesses to enemies who really hate you. Maybe there’s a strategic purpose. Hope it’s not ‘try to get compassion’…

2017/1/8They still reproduce memetically.

2017/1/8Potential remedy: revolt against the cult of youth-worship. Intensify the shaming of wide age-gap relationships.

(Distasteful as that is.)

2017/1/8Interpretation: they like (relevant) strengths, not weaknesses.

Not ‘you’, for ‘you’ includes the total of your strengths + weaknesses.

2017/1/10Insightful commentary on the Backpage shutdown situation.

2017/1/10@TradBritGroup As a Londoner.

2017/1/15RT @AJA_Cortes: How Not to Waste Your 20s

-Use your energy. Your energy in 20s is at all time high, use it for learning and productivity,…

2017/1/17OK, I realised Tinder is terrible again. Deleted.

2017/1/26 There’s more to learn from the virtual reality future of porn, before it gets here. And sex robots. #nofap

2017/1/26Looks like something volunteers could do. All you need is a website.

2017/1/27RT @DatingMiracle: When virtual reality gets cheaper than dating, society is doomed.

2017/1/27 sociological gender shitposting

2016/12/3David Koenig: “I think it would be best at this point if men and women simply went their separate ways.” nb: parody

2016/12/3@Stevenwhirsch99 Article authors don’t get to choose titles. Editors do that.

2016/12/3RT @femfreq: Listen to Anita’s @CBC interview about the correlations between the “alt right” & Gamergate:

2016/12/3Develop rational contempt for trash food through understanding the manipulative way it works: #consciousnessraising

2016/12/3Alternatively, why is emotional stability considered the standard of mental health?

2016/12/3Ain’t it a matter of balance?
Linguistic diversity -> no, society needs to be able communicate.
Sex diversity -> yep, you need both genders.

2016/12/3@Red_Panels They can justify their continued existence by their need to convince their fellow humans to reduce in number.

2016/12/3@Sargon_of_Akkad @jeremycorbyn democratic politicians aren’t meant to divide segments of the population against one another.

2016/12/3@tomusvultmy my statement was too simplistic. Division & unification are crucial to politics. Contention is: where should lines be drawn?

2016/12/5A couple (or two people who just hooked up) can verbally agree that explicit verbal consent isn’t necessary between them. Problem solved.

2016/12/5Character vs. aesthetics as factors in attraction. Interesting topic to study scientifically. Who’d fund empirical research into it?

2016/12/5@Chris_Fujita Oh ho, time to delete tinder again.

2016/12/6@LexCorvus I mean explicit verbal consent that goes beyond an immediate situation to extend indefinitely into the future.

2016/12/6@mare_frigoris1 mra: anyone who attempts to speak about gender issues while not being a feminist.

2016/12/7@LexCorvus I haven’t seen any state that denial. I’d be interested in seeing how they justify this. It denies the validity of consent…

2016/12/7RT @ValorForFreedom: If you don’t take a step towards your goal everyday you can consider yourself dead – no motion = death . Without purpo…

2016/12/8@LexCorvus I don’t see the implication there. Never seen it discussed anywhere. Making something implicit, explicit.

2016/12/10@ADobsonComics No, they’re saying the opposite of that. They’re saying the rebels are nazis, and good.

2016/12/10These new nazis are 20-somethings. It takes everyone time to learn about how the world works, whatever your ideological heritage.

2016/12/10Nationalism comes after nation-building. All else is LARPing, shitposting, dog-barking.

2016/12/10No Life-form Left Behind — Evolutionist-Progressive Party platform 2020.

2016/12/10Holy shit he mentioned MGTOW

2016/12/10RT @AJA_Cortes: Bragging about how hard one hustles is a smokescreen for lack of accomplishment

Simply do the work, in silence

2016/12/11None are excluded from blogging and self-publishing.

2016/12/11OOTW/324 “[…] every time you help someone, to try and think of whom you are at the same time hurting.”

2016/12/11RT @wrathofgnon: “A philosopher’s renown is increased more by inventing a new error than by repeating a truth that has already been express…

2016/12/11″War is the father of all things”

2016/12/11@appreciateBM a cruel joke. But as a temptation, not entirely strange. Masculinity is not easy. (But then again, nor is femininity…)

2016/12/11Give what is needed, regardless of what is wanted.

2016/12/12The haters aren’t a ‘them’? So: we’re calling upon ourselves to fight ourselves? Conflict as collective self-correction?

from @ADL_National

2016/12/12RT @Beer__Wolf: Jesus take the wheel

2016/12/13@OptikalWinter As an outsider: pro-marriage, family, black-owned capital. Self-critical on black dysfunction, rather than blaming whites.

2016/12/13Does #Hotep have active advocates in the UK? Europe?

2016/12/13Child liberation or something diabolical? Damn, at least outline your alternative for protection. #communism

2016/12/13What are you doing about this, @amazon?

2016/12/13A biblical case against school:

2016/12/13″We’re raising a social justice activist” hah!

Wonder if that was my ex-activist lefty parents’ plan, then lost faith before I grew enough.

2016/12/13from which follows…

Why not consider execution as a part of social healing, rehabilitation, a purging of a bad part of the Us?

2016/12/13They’re old politics. This is just a new marketing campaign, aimed at kids, using pop-culture.

2016/12/13Well, I’ll be damned.

‘Pan-Eurafrican nationalist’ in my bio was mostly a joke. Or metaphor.

(Cosmopolitan tribalism is quite sincere.)

2016/12/13My last date wasn’t completely terrible.

2016/12/14 blogging about sex is indecent. But not blogging about blogging about sex.

2016/12/17To write: why I’m blogging anonymously, for the time being. And why that won’t be forever.

2016/12/17Applies to casual sex too, right?

But damnit, couldn’t it also apply to marriage?

2016/12/17Follow-policing: one of many cancers killing Twitter.

OTOH if you want to block/mute me cause of who I follow, that’s your prerogative.

2016/12/17One of those isn’t like the others.

tbh Schumer’s kind of cute.

Ah wait, is the issue that she’s targeting harmful propaganda to kids?

2016/12/17Interesting, terrible idea. Masculinity-promoting eugenics, secretly implemented through transgenderism.

2016/12/17This’ll be my primary twitter account when I’m doxed.

2016/12/17I avoid dating girls affiliated with religions with holy texts that forbid them to marry me.

2016/12/17@HPluckrose because they are confessionally invested in religious doctrine that says it’s impossible:

2016/12/17RT @jordanbpeterson: “Casual sex” is the ultimate contradiction in terms.

2016/12/17@martian_munk Looks like Noah’s commentary was about the fans, rather than the man himself, to make a general point about psychology.

2016/12/17@GSpellchecker Easy, say immigrants’ children will be raised in Dutch schools and thus imbued with native culture and values.

2016/12/17@Fairy_Commando @GSpellchecker Given NL wants to prevent that, enforce the law. Then what? Encourage integration? Or do repatriation?

2016/12/17I suggest: either be a jokey meme twitter account, or consistently post what you sincerely believe. Don’t try to mix it up.

2016/12/17@Fairy_Commando predictable outcome: they see themselves as oppressed, not weak. React defensively, get more insular, less integrated.

2016/12/17Resist destructionism and jealously protect the values you inherited.

2016/12/17RT @RationalMale:

2016/12/17@Fairy_Commando Interesting. I do favour the West getting a stronger (self-)image. I think that’s part of solving many problems.

2016/12/17I’m not obsessed with race. But I intend to get my DNA tested. Know thyself.

2016/12/17Unfair. The dude has an exploit in his perceptual system. Nothing to do with lack of emotional strength.

(It’s a weakness, to be sure.)

2016/12/17RT @BernardChapin: “WEIRD”=man who thinks for himself.

2016/12/18Why I blog anonymously for now: good reasons.

2016/12/18Resist compulsory slut-acceptance.

2016/12/18 Elliot Rodger, annotated. Also watch #psychopathology

2016/12/18@CannabisCurtis @MalayBoy97 Any amount of agreement can be the basis for cooperation. But boundaries between camps should be maintained.

2016/12/18I’ve got good things to say about of these camps. And criticisms. 2017’s gonna be a fun year.

2016/12/18The Rape of Berlin

2016/12/18@ThisDadDoes @brave I’m using it right now, alongside Chrome (for work). I want to support a Web with less ads and more direct payments.

2016/12/18 I choose to date women who seem intelligent, pleasant, female, compatible. No one else gets any say.

2016/12/19The concept of straight orientation is marked for erasure. Progress wills it!

(I suspect, and will explore later: it was always confused.)

2016/12/19@CannabisCurtis @MalayBoy97 I’m not a movement person either. But I’m not averse to joining forces with ppl/groups to achieve specific goals

2016/12/19@Axel_McKibbin how do you distinguish between virtue signalling and publicly promoting that which you genuinely believe is good?

2016/12/19RT @LindaRegber: The uncomfortable racial preferences revealed by online dating via /r/dataisbeautiful…

2016/12/19Knowledge isn’t power. Money isn’t power. Power is power.

Power uses knowledge and money.

2016/12/19@ClarkHat inequalities irk equalitarians, obv.

2016/12/19I don’t consciously avoid it. It just… happened that way.

2016/12/19RT @NoFap: Somebody spotted this at their workplace.

2016/12/19@SeleneXXMichael If gender identity can be reconsidered later in life, correcting it, seems there was a prior, mistaken self-ascription.

2016/12/20Absurdity upon perversity upon absurdity. Layers on layers.

2016/12/21RT @Femitheist: I must criticize people generally on “my side” because it’s the right thing to do, and so you folk won’t simply agree with…

2016/12/21This is like some /r9k/ dystopian fiction.

2016/12/21RT @r9ktxt: Anyone who jerks off to porn is a cuck, you’re literally enjoying watching a girl you like being fucked by someone else

2016/12/21Reality is ableist and speciesist.

2016/12/21RT @RealPeerReview: From the paper: Human bipedalism is an oppressive social construct and teaching people to walk upright reinforces ablei…

2016/12/21Blog topic in the pipe: why not try dating colleagues? Good reasons. Bad ones, too.

2016/11/6A blog post about #kissing | Inspired by @EvrydayFeminism

2016/11/7@stillgray Eye contact, gestures, then she takes your photo uses googleface image recognition to find you online & send a friend request.

2016/11/7Men signalling interest in women in public considered inherently impolite, harmful or unsafe.

A cultural sickness. We’ll find a cure.

2016/11/7Every life form I see is a potential romantic partner.

And everything is alive.

2016/11/7Reference for my last 2 tweets, as Klein blocked me. Sad that text screencapping is needed, Quotation by retweeting is a broken system.

2016/11/7Why can’t a tweet quote multiple tweets? Why does it pick the second rather than the first? What a mess.

2016/11/7Should you ask before you kiss someone? (Answer: No. Or yeah. Whatever you feel like, man.)

2016/11/11A way for @tinder @bumble_app @okcupid etc. to sell more: you’re leaving money on the table #DatingApps

2016/11/13I used to think I could write a blog that, if read by the right person, would prevent a mass-murder.

2016/11/13I think the refusal to talk with NON-like-minded people is a big problem.

2016/11/14I still think my #kissing post is really good

2016/11/19RT @Megadogyourmom4: @Sargon_of_Akkad #TWIS @Bendilin we need a bat signal for victims of SJWarchy

2016/11/19Cursed technology. Tinder’s app is glitching. Matches disappearing and reappearing. Had a tentative date for tomorrow…

2016/11/201 way to determine whether to blame men for the military-industrial-makeup-surgery complex: compare the straight women v lesbians

2016/11/20@ChateauEmissary evolution not revolution, when viewed as just another porn medium. We got text, video, audio, & soon animatronic puppet.

2016/11/21RT @handymayhem: #Hotepdebate

2016/11/21@jeremycorbyn the internet of things is a capitalist scam to maintain control over the devices they sell us, undermining personal property.

2016/11/21It’s decided. Through this channel I will publish my diabolical theorem.

(To the detriment of its potential persuasive force.


2016/11/21Resist compulsory cuckoldry

2016/11/22″new crime of ‘economic terrorism’”–Senator proposes a response to the anti-Trump protests.


2016/11/22@Anarchyball But government is the supreme reigning meme.

2016/11/25RT @ValorForFreedom: Never sell your dignity. Your balls are your biggest enemy in this regard. Always choose dignity over a nut. No dignit…

2016/11/25Seems I lean libertarian centrist now.

2016/11/25@MartinDaubney Sure, but women matter more. And I think a key point is to send a message to violence-perpetrators, largely men.

2016/11/25@stillgray You are relying on out-of-date facts. Old data retention laws prevented it. New ones mandate it.

2016/11/25There is no contradiction to say inhibition-reducing drug-use can increase violence & hold the ethical conviction to hold perps responsible.

2016/11/25 My new short listicle. #feminism #masculinity #hashtags

2016/11/25RT @Global_Dating: Owen Jones joins in with criticism of police over its failure to stop #dating #app serial killer Stephen Port. More: htt…

2016/11/25I have moved toward the centre on both axes.

2016/11/25@stillgray You can if you’re a gender separatist.

2016/11/25@AJA_Cortes Is belief not a key factor in health matters? E.g. placebo effect, and general mindset.


2016/11/25RT @jockowillink: GO. DO.

2016/11/25RT @Workplace_Man:

2016/11/25@bad_fido @stillgray But you can film it. You can even share the recordings with your friends. You just can’t publish it on the web.

2016/11/26@TheismComics Unrestrained personal gender choice -> gender-distinguishing rules completely optional -> inevitable conflict will get worse.

2016/11/26@HPluckrose “I will not let standards of appropriate, mature behaviour constrain my conduct.”

2016/11/26@EverydaySexism Protecting oneself personally, and protecting society politically, are both imperative. There is no dichotomy between them.

2016/11/26RT @stillgray: Obama: I will make a milquetoast statement about Fidel’s passing ignoring his atrocities

Trudeau: You are like a little bab…

2016/11/26RT @jockowillink: Aftermath. You either put the work in or you don’t. I vote: PUT THE WORK IN.

2016/11/26RT @martian_munk: ‘Your dating preferences are discriminatory’

Yes. Yes, they are. I discriminate against ppl I don’t want to date.

2016/11/26@femifisting @latercera Makes sense if you see the anti-topless laws/taboos as paternalistic restrictions on women, due to male chauvinism.

2016/11/27Is it normal to watch strangers perform exaggerated conversation, combat, athletic feats, etc.? But sex is exceptional?
Yes; sex IS special.

2016/11/27RT @FightTheNewDrug: It’s time for society to wake up and realize that watching strangers have exaggerated sex on screen isn’t normal. 👎

2016/11/27@Ballix66 ideology provides justification for malicious action rooted in psychological disturbance. Mad/bad is not a dichotomy.

2016/11/27Non-scientific reason for dismissing 1/12 potential dating candidates.


A reason to increase awareness of relevant personality traits.

2016/11/27@stillgray not to mention the literal objectification!

2016/11/27RT @stillgray: Another example of unrealistic expectations of women.

2016/11/27RT @amerika_blog: To understand the fatal distraction of mobile tech, look at Las Vegas #tcot #nrx #altright

2016/11/27@Axel_McKibbin @Zero_Gov They imagine a more humane alternative: pure altruistic intent, indoctrinated into man by a better, fairer system.

2016/11/27Writing prompt: a day in the life of a psychologically healthy human being in a decent society.

2016/11/27RT @EdLatimore: Bad things happen quickly.
Good things tend to take a little while.

2016/11/28@femifisting there is no sexual freedom without discrimination.

2016/11/28@mr_scientism it may be liberating for him to try writing an anonymous right-wing blog.

2016/11/28RT @Zero_Gov: Civilization is hard work; communism is easy if you have enough potential corpses to build on.

2016/11/28@stillgray ‘hypersexualised’? Hyperbole.

Sex-appeal is a factor in Lara’s design. And rightly so. Sex is good.

2016/11/28@S2LL7 @femfreq @Lesdoggg Objectification that subverts patriarchal norms is social-justice-compliant.

2016/11/28RT @witsureisquick: @Kraut_and_Tea @Sargon_of_Akkad

2016/11/29@EyeisBloke 1985… a lot has happened since then. Maybe feminism has a better brand reputation now?

2016/11/29To write on: two kinds of apologies.

2016/11/29Pro-tip: don’t do bad things, then you won’t have to lie about stuff.

2016/11/29RT @solipsis_: Me: It’s a first date. Ask questions. Get to know them.

Me to me: Talk about serial killers for 43 minutes.…

2016/10/31It’s going to get worse.

2016/10/31Piracy will happen instantaneously (no DRM) or sooner than you’d like (DRM).

2016/10/31 Here’s the real virtual reality technology. Lucid dreaming. Less discipline required…

2016/9/4I had a terrible date and I regret nothing.

2016/9/4@IllimitableMan Drinking is for losers, Pastor Anderson said


2016/9/4Reading snide comments from folks about awkward 1st Tinder dates occurring in their vicinity. I want to go on more, just to spite them.

2016/8/6Masculinity in the Bible

2016/8/8Pastor Anderson on: Japan, cultural dysfunction, deficient #masculinity

2016/7/10Just checked to see I’m #blockedbysteve. Not sure which badlist I’m on…

2016/7/17RT @IllimitableMan: When an idea becomes part of an identity, it is no longer a debatable idea, but an element of the self to be defended f…

2016/7/17@qwertyMrJINX @oprainfall Hi, I’m a rejection fantasist. I wouldn’t characterise it as a fetish, in my case.

I hope this gets translated.

2016/7/17RT @oprainfall: Get Turned Down by Anime Girls in Anata no Koto ga Kirai Desu

2016/7/17 Pokemon GO as a seduction tactic. Fascinating, worthy of more analysis.

2016/7/17RT @IllimitableMan: How can a cynic be optimistic? Easy.

Believe in your ability to grow & focus on your gains more than you focus on the…

2016/5/22RT @moiragweigel: Why is there no Grindr for straight people? Not why everyone says. @ruths @guardian

2016/4/23Writing a short article on this report. Should be up today, soonish. #Tinder

2016/4/23I… put this one on hold.

2016/4/23 Boom, here it is.

2016/4/23RT @YourBrainOnPorn: “Your brain isn’t ready for virtual reality” The Daily Dot –

2016/4/23 On the unreality of sexual needs.

2016/4/24RT @ABC: UK bar posts sign in ladies’ room offering assistance escaping a “Tinder date gone wrong.”…

2016/4/24@Match Yep, that’s totally my problem.

2016/4/24@ramzpaul no doubt this action will increase his SMV.

2016/4/24RT @socialmattermag: This Is What Decline Will Look Like On Virtual Reality

2016/4/24 Notes on seductive mind tricks, and their interaction with culture.

2016/4/25RT @bumble_app: As of today, men have to respond to within 24 hours to the initial chat or the conversation expires. Read here –> https://…

2016/4/25 thoughts on something that bothers me about professional dating advisers.

2016/4/27RT @UN_Women: A new poll shows young adults want gender equality — they just don’t want to identify as feminists vi…

2016/4/27@UN_Women @micnews Not confusing when you understand feminism as more than a simple belief. It’s a complex movement of ideas, controversies.

2016/4/27@IllimitableMan Voted yes. Perhaps my answer would change if I had a close group of male friends to intellectually spar with.

2016/1/2 This seems like perfectly fine advice but it might fail anyway. That’s what I’m writing about now.

2016/1/7RT @philosophybites: Is Freudian psychoanalysis passé? @oliverburkeman @guardian

Download today! –>…

2015/12/24 Tinder and similar apps should have a phone number verification system. Could be a profitable IAP, even.

2015/12/24Well, that’s a clever concept.

2015/11/6@ColinFindlay2 @the_author_ @andrewjrad “Everything in existence is interconnected” – the philosophers

2015/11/15Tinder now wants my work history. Next year will it ask for my LinkedIn profile?

2015/8/4New blog: where I discuss #tinder and where it’s leading. Speculation on the coming augmented-reality #datingapp.

2015/8/11@katiekovalcin disheartening. I feel lack of flirting knowledge is a factor in the mindset behind such crude advances

2015/8/11 I am scratching at the surface of the tension between the ancient practices of flirting, and the new dating apps.

2015/8/11I’ve used #Tinder, but not #Happn or Taking a break this week, next week I’ll install for research purposes & fun

2015/8/11Hypothetical Political Tinder: does online communication imply a superficial approach? Could it assist deeper links?

2015/8/13Tinder’s always denied that their app is for hook-ups. Report on unfortunate social trends emerging from it:

2015/8/13Responding to the Vanity Fair, Tinder’s Twitter account had some embarrassing outbursts. #GenerationTinder #hookup

2015/8/13Ridiculous abusive reactions to online #dating rejections: (But better online than off, surely?)

2015/8/13RT @jeffjohnroberts: Shocker: that Tinder dating apocalypse story is riddled with confirmation bias and disregard of social science data

2015/8/13RT @London_Geekfest: After great success last year, we’re using communication preference badges again #NineWorlds h…

2015/8/13RT @Teledildonic: Continuing on from my discussion of flirting, I want to talk about one of the prerequisites: me……

2015/8/13Case against @happn_app @Tinder : Makes us risk-averse. Is bothering a strangers on the street a risk worth taking?

2015/8/14@martian_munk vaguely relevant book:

2015/8/15Inside the Secret Dating App for Famous People via @TheCut

2015/8/15Response to that Tinder dating apocalypse article via @tnr

2015/8/16RT @GoodMenProject: It’s Not Tinder, It’s Just You: Sorry Vanity Fair, but online dating didn’t invent a hook-up culture any more … http:…

2015/8/23Human contact considered as a human right. Hermit lifestyles to be condemned as rights-violating. (This is bonkers.)