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Nofap, energy and broscience

Semen retention energy theory is one broscientific justification for the nofap discipline. Here’s a video where a dude talks about it. It’s not a total explanation. It seems to be more of a motivational thing.

Here’s the video

This post isn’t meant to blast the idea as unscientific. It could well be a useful way of thinking. I want to look at it more closely.

The basic idea is that an amount of beneficial energy, or qi, accumulates in a guy by some means. And ejaculating releases that energy, resetting you back to zero. So: you’d be better off not orgasming, or at least you could gain from some amount of abstaining.

What does this energy do? For one thing, it makes you more attractive. Is this because having a high amount of energy is in and of itself attractive (and thus directly perceptible or intuitively grasped by women)? Or does this energy make itself manifest in attractive body language, attractive feats of greatness, etc.?

Could some people just have such a massively overflowing amount of energy that it doesn’t really matter if they jerk off once a day? Maybe the better energy-optimising strategy is to increase one’s energy generating or capturing capacity, rather than retaining meagre amounts of it through self-denial.

For me, once porn is removed from the equation, masturbation tends to lose its appeal. Haven’t used it for over a week. Haven’t ejaculated for a few days (last time was a wet dream). I don’t feel like I’m overflowing with raw masculine energy or anything. I didn’t expect to.

The hardcore semen-retentionists say even jizzing during sex should be avoided. If I have sex in the near future (prospects: improbable) then I have no intention of holding back in that way.

I can’t connect to OKCupid and continue the conversation I started last night. Ain’t that some shit?


Is a man who uses porn more, or less attractive?

This one’s for the ladies. Just two questions, and I’d advise posting your answers before reading the other responses. Because what I’m looking for is entirely personal opinion. So it’d be interesting to get these opinions as uninfluenced as possible.

i. All else being equal, is a man who uses porn more, or less attractive to you, than a man who does not?

ii. Why do you think that is? (Or why not?)

Thanks for your participation.

Guys: if you have a wife or girlfriend, or close female friend, who doesn’t have an account here, and if it’d be appropriate to ask her these questions, I’d appreciate if you did and relayed her answers here…

After we get a few responses, let’s see if we can discuss the deeper meanings one might draw from them.

Thread (and poll) here

I’ll cross-post relevant comments.

Gifting: psychosexual dynamics of a new monetisation angle for dating services

For all those in the dating app industry, have this one for free.

I present an idea whose time has come.

OKCupid, Tinder, Bumble, etc. have a freemium model. They are free to use. You can pay for extra premium features.

Here’s my genius idea: gift functionality. Paying for the premium functionality, not for oneself, but to pass on to someone else in the userbase, for anyone who wants to extend a kind gesture and help a bro/sis out.

Now, what would the consequences be?

Beta schmucks trying to use gifting as a method of getting girls’ attention. It’s a terrible idea for a tactic. And it’ll totally get used. So an increased number of girls on the app will be running in premium mode.

The specific consequences of that depend on the particular features the individual apps/sites offer.

Back to the wretched betas.

And I hope it’s understood that I’m not bashing these poor fellows in the spirit of cruelty. I want to help them. Really, when I speak of them, I mean us. I’m no paragon of masculinity, nor a seduction expert. I’m still on the road to wizardry. I want us to help each other. What I’m doing is trying to raise awareness…

Anyway. The wimpy, naive betas.

Blackhearted, manipulative witches will exploit their soft, weak hearts and tempt them into gift-giving, with false promises of reciprocal affection.

In this age of megacuckoldry, they could effectively spin their enticements as an invitation to join them in a polyamorous situation. This way, there’s no need to hide the fact that the point of them receiving the gift is to make it easier to meet other dudes.

The strategic choice will be to offer a long distance  fake polyamorous relationship. Maximise safety by keeping a maximal distance between the witch and the exploited.

So. That’ll happen. Some of the victims will wise up, after a while. Some will need an intervention, some convincing, some confrontation. Some will keep pissing away their cash. Oh well.

Can I really begrudge these (still hypothetical) witches? They’re enterprising! And their interactions with their victims might wake some of them up, help them learn a useful lesson about how the world works, and dislodge some stupid ideas they have about the supposedly morally superior sex.

Premium date app plans will be another gift that pornstars and webcam performers receive from their fans. At least that’s a more honest sort of transaction. A gift from a fan in exchange for a little attention, no false promises of a ‘real’ relationship. You could be the one who helps your favourite camslut to get some really good dick, and she might tell you about it!

But this isn’t the sort of stuff that these dating app companies really want to be associated with…

Do these downsides outweigh the potential increased revenue? Does anyone actually do this already? Like, sites aimed at the promiscuous, fetishists, and so on? Haven’t looked into it yet.

Go on, app-makers, you know it makes sense. Give us an option to send the gift anonymously, too.

I’ll probably fucking use it myself. Fuck.



Ask before you kiss?

From Everyday Feminism:

Ask before you kiss someone. (Or touch them, or dance with them, or hug them.)

Hm. We’ve heard this suggestion. We’ve also heard the opposite. Both expressed with apparent sincerity. Which side has the better reasons?

First, does there need to be a universal answer? Different folks are going to have different preferences. If someone has expressed their individual preference then it seems sensible to go with that.

We don’t usually have this personalised information in advance. Putting this on one’s dating site profile isn’t a custom (yet). So for now, we’ll have to go by generalised advice.

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