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On ‘anti-slut defence’ tactics, ‘slut-shaming’, and their critics

ASD, or anti-slut defence is a term used in the PUA or Red Pill space. It refers to behavioural and psychological tendencies of women to resist seduction by men they really want to have sex with, in order to maintain their non-slutty reputation and self-image.

An ASD is a method used by a girl to abstain herself from responsibility during a situation where there is a likelihood of sex/intimacy.


PUA discussion of ASD centres around methods to overcome it. They discuss methods of influencing the woman’s psychological state, heightening her sexual desire, and making her feel comfortable and safe from condemnatory judgement. The aim is to prevent ASD obstructions, or manage them when they arise.

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Arousal as intoxication, and the infinite regress of reciprocal meta-desire; diabolical theorems

It’s time to write this shit down. I have not totally clarified these thoughts in my mind, and I doubt that I can communicate them in an optimal manner here and now, but I’ll begin my attempt anyway.

Before I begin: a warning. If you read and understand this theorem, you may never want to be involved in a sexual/romantic relationship ever (again). If the reasoning holds up, then the conclusion is that sex or romantic relationships are inherently anti-rational, unavoidably non-consensual (and therefore unethical).

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“Refuse to date men who watch porn”

Crossposted from Your Brain Rebalanced:

This is a slogan being promoted by feminists. I want to ask the dudes here: what do you think about this?

Here’s some graffiti/street art spreading this meme, from Untameable Shrews:

Here they use the #PornKillsLove hashtag, a slogan used by Fight the New Drug, a Mormon-founded but non-religious anti-porn advocacy and education organisation. You’ve probably heard of it.

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Sex robots vs. feminists

Sex robots are coming! Well, they’re already here, but they’re kind of shitty. But our glorious industrial-technological society’s entrepreneurs are working on improving them, and their valiant efforts have recently earned the attention and, probably, admiration, of the tireless mainstream journalists. Here’s a Guardian piece.

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Recursive trans bathroom controversies

The transsexual or transgender bathroom issue is really about the women’s bathrooms, as touched on in this video. Not the men’s ones.

As a male, I’m content with my own exclusion from women’s facilities. I’ve no interest in deciding who they should allow in. Not my bathroom, not my problem.

So why does this topic concern me? Because the discussion around the controversy is a power struggle that happens to involve all sorts of interesting, fundamental issues.

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4 reasons why masculinity and gender is interesting

Or, why I’m obsessed with sex.

1. I have a sex drive, which I experience with (what seems like) ordinary intensity. I like feminine women. Turns out, they like masculine men. More or less. So I have skin in the game, so to speak.

2. This is a lively political battleground! Feminism, men’s rights activism, patriarchy, gynocentrism. Civil rights, human rights, legal issues, personal freedom, left and right. My political tendencies are libertarian and slightly-right-centrist.

3. It’s a lively philosophical battleground. (All these points are interconnected too.) So, masculinity and femininity. What are we even talking about, metaphysically? Are they primaeval forces of nature, evolved biological attributes, or ideological social constructs? (The answer: all of the above.)

4. Men and women are different. Propaganda denying this obvious fact is spouted about frequently, and considered meritorious in some circles. The meta-level debate is super interesting to study. We’re talking, the corruption of science, the subversion of the academy, etc. Interesting, and dangerous!

I am a masculinist: I think masculinity is something real, and a good thing.

Ask before you kiss?

From Everyday Feminism:

Ask before you kiss someone. (Or touch them, or dance with them, or hug them.)

Hm. We’ve heard this suggestion. We’ve also heard the opposite. Both expressed with apparent sincerity. Which side has the better reasons?

First, does there need to be a universal answer? Different folks are going to have different preferences. If someone has expressed their individual preference then it seems sensible to go with that.

We don’t usually have this personalised information in advance. Putting this on one’s dating site profile isn’t a custom (yet). So for now, we’ll have to go by generalised advice.

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