Month: January 2017

Recursive trans bathroom controversies

The transsexual or transgender bathroom issue is really about the women’s bathrooms, as touched on in this video. Not the men’s ones.

As a male, I’m content with my own exclusion from women’s facilities. I’ve no interest in deciding who they should allow in. Not my bathroom, not my problem.

So why does this topic concern me? Because the discussion around the controversy is a power struggle that happens to involve all sorts of interesting, fundamental issues.

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Is a man who uses porn more, or less attractive?

This one’s for the ladies. Just two questions, and I’d advise posting your answers before reading the other responses. Because what I’m looking for is entirely personal opinion. So it’d be interesting to get these opinions as uninfluenced as possible.

i. All else being equal, is a man who uses porn more, or less attractive to you, than a man who does not?

ii. Why do you think that is? (Or why not?)

Thanks for your participation.

Guys: if you have a wife or girlfriend, or close female friend, who doesn’t have an account here, and if it’d be appropriate to ask her these questions, I’d appreciate if you did and relayed her answers here…

After we get a few responses, let’s see if we can discuss the deeper meanings one might draw from them.

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