I went on a date

I wrote this post in December 3, 2016. I set it to private. I’m setting it to public now: 8th June, 2017.

And it wasn’t completely terrible.

Okay, 3rd date. OKCupid is alright.

The feeling of smallness in the presence of a superior being. Fluctuating between that and an attitude of expansive egoism, downlooking (she believes in democracy–)

She could talk. This is a skill I can admire. So, the silences, I felt as by fault, due to my deficiencies:

  • I think slowly.
  • I haven’t had comparably interesting experiences. I have lived boringly…

I can fix the second. As for the first, I can at least mitigate it…

She said let’s do it again! Now, is this a genuine feeling, or a reflexive way of saying goodbye?

If her interest in my projects was genuine, I want to share more information about them, as they develop, with her. So yeah, I want to see her again. I want to be in her presence.

I noticed her tits once. But then I was swept up again in conversation. Even if it was largely one-sided.

She suggested another drink. Is that a good sign? She wanted to stay longer. But maybe she just wanted to be free from indebtedness to me.

One reply on WhatsApp after the date. I sent the last.

I will wait the 5-9 days. Back on to Doc Love’s advice? Yeah.

I broke System rules by discussing politics. She brought it up first. No excuse, mind.

I can’t recall making her laugh.

So… make a pre-canned set of stories, jokes, possible topics? This seems reasonable. Ish. Why not? Is it dishonest? There is kind of an assumption that spoken speech is… thought up on the spot. Original, originating in thought which has only just occurred, in the presence of the listener. But people re-tell stories all the time. Oral tradition: people re-tell the stories of others. This is natural and normal…

As long as it’s true.

What about her? She’s younger than me and seems to be more of a grown-up. More social, no surprise… more career-actualized. Neutral judgement here.





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